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A mental or physical disability can limit an individual’s ability to care for themselves. In these situations, a court-appointed guardian can assist the individual by making sound decisions on their behalf.

Adult guardianship decisions must be made with the ward’s best interests at heart. A proper guardianship agreement, structured with the help of an experienced guardianship attorney, can provide protection and peace of mind for vulnerable adults.

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What Does Adult Guardianship Entail?

Since the ward is an adult, guardianship is meant to facilitate independence. A guardian’s powers should be limited to decisions that the adult ward cannot make themselves.

A guardian of an adult ward may be able to:

  • Make financial decisions, including addressing debts

  • Make medical decisions, including changing terms of their care if it’s found to be inadequate

  • Update the court if there are changes to the ward’s living situation or health

It may be the guardian’s responsibility to ensure that their ward is receiving the proper medical or educational attention, but it is not generally the responsibility of the guardian to provide medical or educational attention personally.

Guardianship Decisions Require Caution And Experience

Lives can change in an instant. When adult guardianship is concerned, preparation can help reduce disruptions in a ward’s life. If you are the legally appointed guardian for a vulnerable adult, determining who becomes the ward’s guardian in the event of your death or incapacitation is crucial.

A skilled estate planning lawyer can help you make informed decisions about transfers of guardianship that keep the ward’s best interests at heart. Attorney Leslie Brier is one of Oklahoma’s leading adult guardianship attorneys. Her experience in estate planning and extensive pro bono work have made her a sympathetic and knowledgeable resource for any clients seeking assistance with adult guardianship issues.

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